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to be fancy not be fancy
(2 projectors video installation)
selected in "The Art Of Deconstruction" Exhibition
at Angel Orensanz Foundation, 2000, NYC

it was terrible weather outside the gallery
very windy with heavy rain
I felt small in the front of Kiefer's huge paintings
it was as if I was in a sand storm
while standing in a muddy field

what is you age and mine and the age of the world
people came in and out the exhibition
talking and talking and talking
walking forward and drawing back from the paintings
forward and back again
looking up and looking down
turning left and turning right
he pointed at the painting he liked best and talked about it
the only one painting with the bird's eye view
it reminded me of the Wanderer above the Misty Sea by Caspar David Friedrich
how romantic it is to turn his back to face the public
he asked me what did i like
I liked that one with the worm's eye view
a woman walked in with a big black dog
he turned his attention to the dog
he went to embrace the dog and talked with that woman
he kneeled on floor in order to fondle the hair of the dog
later he turned his face away from them to look up at me
like a worm
suddenly i realized i was also black
black long hair
black shirts
black pants
black shoes
black bag
black eyes
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