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the 3rd bullet
installation 1999
at E.S.Vandam Gallery, NYC

size : 8f(h)*5f(w)*lf(d) 3 sets ,

main media: handmade turning lamps without motors( painted acentate, paper windmill, button, ball point pen's head and music wire, bulbs, wood, ceramics, rubber band.)

Each lighting box is like a container, stories are going inside. The images turn in and out of the viewers' vision. The exhibition space, a divided room, is also like a container, people walk in and out of the space. The tension between the viewers and the work/the artist is like we see people's lives from the windows, monitors. We only see the reflection of the. real; we. see the. fiction rather the truth. There is a screen cover the real inside.

In my installation, I try to reverse the position of the artwork and the viewers: the wandering viewers become the objects, like the turning lamps. When the. viewers aware themselves act in the. same. form with the lamps at the certain time and the space, the subject is absent. Then we can see how a policeman shot out 41 bullets from different perspective points . we can tear away the skins to see the real inside the human beings. A policeman shot the first bullet because he represented the superego, the law; then he shot the second bullet to represent his ego; but when he kept shooting the third bullet toward to the end , his evil id controlled his behavior completely, it is just like a child holding a water gun, as soon as he find the target/he get excited to shoot without knowing when to stop.

In the News: Amadou Diallo, an unarmed African immigrant, died in a hail of 41 police bullets in front of his apartment in Bronx in 1999. | bio | contact lien-chen lin | all contents of the images and texts copyright by lien-chen lin. all right reserved.